Advanced Emergency Nurses Network (AENN)

In February 2014, the Emergency Nurses Core Curriculum for Advanced Nursing Practice (ENCAP) was aligned with the College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand (CENNZ) and placed under the umbrella of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation. This positive move has included a name change for the expanding group - AENN (Advanced Emergency Nurses Network).

It is AENN's goal to incorporate and to further develop ENCAP's values and principles.

ENCAP was created from a growing demand for an educational framework that would support advanced emergency nursing practice. Two key people behind the development of ENCAP were Michael Geraghty (NP ED ACH) and Dr Cecilia Rademeyer (ED Consultant WDHB). The inaugural ENCAP training day was held at North Shore Hospital in August 2010 and the steady growth in the number of nurses who have attended, and continue to attend, the training days is testament to its success.


Training Days

The AENN training days will be held four times a year, and will continue to be hosted by hospitals in the greater Auckland area, as well as by other regions. All Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners working in New Zealand, as well as other nurses who have a special interest in emergency nursing are welcome to attend.

The principle aim of the training days is to provide ongoing education and learning in a supportive environment. It provides a great opportunity for participants to network and share experiences that will contribute to improved service provision nationally.

The content of the day is flexible and managed by the hosting hospital but routinely includes:

  • Presentation of literature reviews
  • Critiquing of research articles
  • Presentation of case studies – presented by individual nurses that highlight clinical challenges/new learning's
  • Formal sessions by clinical experts which combine a theoretical and practical component
  • Review / introduction of clinical guidelines that can be shared across the regions


AENN Study Day

Auckland City Hospital
Lab Plus
Big Rangitoto Room
Saturday 5th November
8.30am - 4.00pm
Cost: $60.00

To view the programme for the AENN day please click here.





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