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As a Nurse Manager in the Emergency Department at Middlemore Hospital for 12 years I am involved in the Professional Development of a leadership team. I am passionate about developing a values based culture within the workplace. I'm currently completing a post graduate diploma in Professional Supervision which is enabling me to promote coaching and mentoring as part of the professional development programme for nurses in the emergency setting.

Abstract Title: Developing a nursing values based team culture using a coaching and mentoring approach.

Coaching and Mentoring was a new and innovative programme initiated by the Director of Nursing at CMDHB in 2009. It is a framework which was adopted by the Emergency Department and has been modified to promote a values based team culture.

Coaching and Mentoring was a new and innovative programme initiated by the Director of Nursing at CMDHB in 2009. The coaching and mentoring framework is based on six gateway skills :- guiding, enabling, meaning, feeling, challenging and valuing. Initially, the ED senior nursing team rotated through the organisation's courses run by two external facilitators . As the ED team begun to see the potential of this framework a decision was made to create a valued based nursing culture within the ED that is underpinned by the gateway principles and coaching / mentoring methodology.

The framework now provides the foundational principles as to how we treat each other, speak to each other and how we recognise and support personal / team growth and development.

To support the development of the new culture a 'tool box' has been created with a wide variety of resources, such as critical thinking, mindfulness, in the moment feedback, emotional resilience and team huddles. In conjunction with these resources the ED senior nursing team has incorporated coaching and mentoring techniques into their daily practice. For example, while working in pairs to do performance reviews, and personal development plans, there is also a debrief afterwards that focuses on the coaching and mentoring session identifying areas for improved and what went well.

This session shares the ED experience of utilising a coaching and mentoring framework to successfully develop a valued based nursing culture.


Mary McManaway

Emergency Department
Middlemore Hospital


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