Mary McManaway


As a Nurse Manager in the Emergency Department at Middlemore Hospital for 12 years I am involved in the Professional Development of a leadership team. I am passionate about developing a values based culture within the workplace. I'm currently completing a post graduate diploma in Professional Supervision which is enabling me to promote coaching and mentoring as part of the professional development programme for nurses in the emergency setting.

Abstract Title: How Coaching & Mentoring Can Build a Culture of Safety

Coaching and Mentoring was a new and innovative programme initiated by the Director of Nursing at CMDHB in 2009. It is a framework which was adopted by the Emergency Department and has been modified to promote a values based team culture.

The Coaching and Mentoring programme is part of the leadership development programme for our senior nurses and its introduction within ED nursing was to increase interpersonal skills, build better working relationships and promote ongoing personal and professional development. The framework provides foundational principles of how we treat each other, developing new language and how we can recognise areas for ongoing growth and development.

The benefits of this programme and approach include; Improved performance management by developing the skills to give in the moment feedback; Continually developing and growing our model; Development and promotion of our team values; Regular team and group huddles using the framework to lead discussion on any issues; Recognition of individual and team strengths; and, opportunities for growth by using the six coaching and mentoring gateways.

Coaching and Mentoring is an intensive approach to working with both individuals and small groups with the aim to inspire, empower, educate, challenge and support. The process facilitates reflection, critical thinking and develops effectiveness and excellence at work and in living.

This session shares the framework and its development. It explores definitions and principles of coaching and mentoring and its location within the performance management framework. Tools to improve resilience within the work setting will also be presented.


Mary McManaway

Emergency Department
Middlemore Hospital


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