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24-26 July, Dunedin Centre, Dunedin

Andrew Little

Andrew Little was elected to Parliament in 2011. Born in New Plymouth and educated at New Plymouth Boys' High School, he studied philosophy, law and public policy at Victoria University. He served as president of Victoria's student association and was twice elected NZUSA President. 

His first job was as a solicitor for the Engineers Union (later EPMU), workng on employment law and ACC issues. He became National Secretary of the EPMU in 2000. As National Secretary he led negotiations with a number of major companies and developed a focus on high productivity work practices based on strong worker engagement. He was elected President of the Labour party in 2009 and has served on the boards of VUW, TEC, and WITT (Taranaki Polytechnic).

Since becoming an MP he has held the ACC, Tourism, Justice and Labour portfolios, lobbying for a reversal of legal aid cuts, the introduction of corporate manslaughter laws to increase accountability in cases such as the Pike River disaster and the creation of a criminal cases review commission to review alleged miscarriages of justice. He also helped develop new policy to improve the rights of sexual assault victims. 

Regional development: The Labour Party perspective

Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Little, will discuss the importance of regional New Zealand and local government to the wider economy, and the challenges we will face as the future of work changes.

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