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24-26 July, Dunedin Centre, Dunedin

Jason Krupp

Jason is a Research Fellow at The New Zealand Initiative. Before joining the think tank Jason worked as a business reporter at The Dominion Post. 

He previously worked for Fairfax's Business Bureau where he was chiefly responsible for covering equity and currency markets for the group. Prior to that, he wrote for BusinessDesk, New Zealand's only dedicated business news agency.

Jason has a degree in journalism and a post graduate business diploma from Rhodes University, and has previously worked in Hong Kong and South Africa.





Using incentives to strengthen economies and performance

Jason Krupp, Research Fellow of The New Zealand Initiative will focus on the example of Manchester City Council and how it combined with its neighbouring authorities to strengthen its leadership, governance and capacity to partner with central government.  Acting as a combined authority the councils have convinced central government to provide additional powers, funding and responsibilities that have enabled the city to achieve significant growth and development. 


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