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24-26 July, Dunedin Centre, Dunedin

Petra Bagust

Bursting on to our screens in the mid 90's with the TV3 cult classic ICETV - she became one of New Zealand's most recognised faces.

Petra has hosted a wide variety of shows reflecting her personality and passions - from travel and property to food related shows. Being a natural presenter has also seen her as a regular at major live events, such as Christmas in the Park, Fight for Life and The New Zealand Television Awards. 

Petra was co-host on TVNZ's breakfast program for two years and although it helped her meet many world leaders and interesting personalities, the draw of extra time with family meant Petra opted for a far more healthy daily schedule. 

Today you will often see her in the surf on Great Barrier, side by side with her children or hosting art, fashion and corporate events throughout New Zealand. More recently she has become the Anti-Human Trafficking ambassador for Tearfund, which has seen her travel to Nepal and witness firsthand the atrocities of sex-trafficking.



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