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24-26 July, Dunedin Centre, Dunedin

A fresh approach to resource management

At this briefing LGNZ President Lawrence Yule will unveil local government's policy position on a fit for purpose resource management system. 

In 2015, LGNZ decided that we needed to take a serious look at a wider environmental management framework. We asked what should a 'fit for purpose' resource management regime look like – and whether we need a more revolutionary approach to resource management – one that provides greater certainty for investment, our communities and the environment. This means making decisions early on where we will develop and where we will conserve resources. We pulled together a multi-stakeholder group reference group and, under the guidance of LGNZ's Environmental Policy Advisory Group, published our "Blue skies" discussion document about New Zealand's resource management system in December 2015. 

This year, LGNZ will release its follow-up six-point programme of action, designed to address a range of important issues with our resource management system that require both urgent and more longer-term-fundamental attention. We have set our 'light on the hill' that orients our programme and provides our vision for what a 21st Century resource management system for New Zealand could look like. This includes a two-tier system for making resource management decisions, establishing 'go' and 'no-go' zones with clear benchmarks for accepted environmental effects and better valuing our natural resources.

Simpson Grierson partner Jonathan Salter will also discuss the inter-relationship between the Resource Management Act, Local Government Act and Land Transport Management Act.

Please join us to hear about this key policy initiative.




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