Call for seminars

Convention seminars give presenters a chance to mix with professionals and educationalists in a stimulating environment. Seminars are an hour long and have access to a full suite of audio and visual technology.

We invite you to complete this application to present a seminar. Applications are due by 20 January 2018. We will contact you to confirm whether your application was successful by the end of February 2018.

We are looking for seminars that match the theme of the Convention, or the themes of the NZCBC 2014 document, The Catholic Education of School Age Children:

  • on developing young students to be people who bring hope to others; 
  • strengthening the partnership between parish and school; 
  • educating for life in a global world;
  • the use of digital tools in education.
This is not an exclusive list and you may have a different topic you wish to present on. If you have more than one seminar you wish to present, you are welcome to complete the form more than once. If you know someone who you think should be invited to present, let us know so we can invite them to apply.

Click here to submit your seminar application



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